Asya Sigelman, Ph.D

Dr. Sigelman is a founder of the school as well as a teacher of Latin and Art History.

An Associate Professor of Ancient Greek at Bryn Mawr College, Dr. Sigelman conducts scholarly research on the poetry and literature of Classical Antiquity and regularly teaches both undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on the language, literature, culture, religion, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. Her book, Pindar’s Poetics of Immortality, was recently published with Cambridge University Press. Throughout her teaching, Dr. Sigelman encourages her students to explore not only the beauty of the language and literature of the ancient world but also their relevance as the origins of Western culture, politics, art, and philosophy. Much of her work has involved connecting with students with no prior background in classics.

Prior to Bryn Mawr, Dr. Sigelman served as adjunct faculty at Tufts University and as a Teaching Fellow at Brown University. In the course of her academic career, Dr. Sigelman has also accrued experience in primary and secondary education. She has taught Ancient Greek at the Wheeler School, an elite independent school in Providence, RI as well as elementary school classes in Ancient History and English literature at the Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton, MA and at the Torah Academy of Brookline, MA.

Dr. Sigelman holds a Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Brown University and a BA summa cum laude in Ancient Greek & Latin, with minors in Music and in German, from Boston University.

Chloë Le Pichon
Director of Admissions

Chloë Le Pichon

Growing up, Ms. Le Pichon was lucky enough to attend French International schools in different countries - being raised by a French father and Chinese mother. She came to the United States from Hong Kong, to earn a BA in Studio Art from Swarthmore College, PA. Upon graduating, she worked at Swarthmore College as an assistant teacher and technician in the Art Department. She went on to teach and run the studio for "The Claymobile" (Clay Studio’s Outreach Program). Currently, Ms. Le Pichon works and teaches ceramics out of her private studio. She has also spent the past decade raising her three children. Ms. Le Pichon’s favorite past time is practicing, watching and learning about the art of Classical Ballet. She also enjoys outdoor activities, cultural activities, and reconnecting with her family across the globe.

John McCormick

Having started his career with studies at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Mr. McCormick, found that the commercial art field was not the desired direction. After 1.5 years at AIP he was accepted at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) and continued with classical art studies to completion of a four year certificate program. In the following years, Mr. McCormick received several portrait commissions and many still life and landscape works, subsequently displayed in individual and group shows. Many of these are now in private and corporate collections.

Drawn towards art instruction, Mr. McCormick had the opportunity to teach at the Delaware County Community College arose. After two years there, Mr. McCormick followed his special interest to teach in the home-school community while simultaneously working with the American Academy, then in Wayne, PA.

Mr. McCormick has now been teaching art for twenty eight years. His training and approach to the study of fine arts is strongly rooted in a classical style with a bold conviction to gain a good foundation in drawing and color. He strives to equip his students to expand their acquired skills in the direction of their personal interest. Without this foundation art is often fluff and feelings with little substance. In contrast, Mr. McCormick believes that students well-grounded in a classical art foundation can rise to any challenge the visual realm can afford. Under his instruction, several of Mr. McCormick’s students have received significant art scholarships and awards.

Marina Voznaya

Mrs. Voznaya began her piano studies at the age of 4. In 1993, she completed eight years of study in Tchaikovsky Music School in St.Petersburg under Elena Trofimova. In 1997, Mrs. Voznaya graduated with honors from St.Petersburg Music Pedagogical College N 3. Where she studied under Natalia Khoreva (piano) and Olga Lusina (vocal). While studying there, she taught children (ranging from 3 to 25 years old) in private lessons and at local schools to play the piano as well as singing or vocal, and explained the theory of music. She subsequently worked as an accompanist of the ballet studio and studied at the Herzen State Pedagogical University in the Faculty of Music from 1997-1999, specializing once again in pianoforte. She went on to be admitted to the St. Petersburg State Rimsky- Korsakov Conservatory under the tutelage of Professor Tatiana Novikova and graduated in 2006. She received her Master’s degree in Vocal Studies (Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Studies). While she was studying, she went on concert tours to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and England. She worked with the Mariinsky Theater Choir as a soloist, beginning during the 5th course at the Conservatory and continued with the Choir until 2015. As a member of the Choir, she toured internationally concerts and theatrical performances, including the following countries: United States, Israel, Japan, China, England, Germany, Holland, France and Austria. All opera and performances were sung in the original languages. When she became a mother, Mrs. Voznaya taught music and singing at a private kindergarten and elementary school on a part-time basis until 2018. She was a soloist of a cappella church choir in Cathedral of Saint Catherine until 2018.