Underlying our curriculum is a vision of the fundamental role which Judeo-Christian values have played in Western culture. 

While no religious instruction as such takes place during the core school day, we believe that spiritual development is an important aspect of the kind of character and leadership to which we aspire for our students.  As such, the school offers optional religious instruction in the before- and after-school hours.


Religious Studies


Judaic Studies

Judaic Studies meets daily from 7:45-9:00 AM.  The class includes daily morning prayers (Shacharit), as well as study of Shabbat and holidays (chagim), weekly Torah portion (parshat-ha-shavuah) and age-appropriate projects, such as challah baking and a weekly Shabbat party.  The core of the Judaic Studies program is Ancient (Biblical) Hebrew.  From kindergarten onward, students learn to read and write in Ancient Hebrew (first print, then cursive).  Beginning with first grade, students follow the Lechavin-u-Lehaskil program which joins rigorous study of the grammar (dikduk), vocabulary and syntax of Ancient Hebrew with an introduction to unadapted Biblical texts.

Christian Studies Program

Christian Studies is designed to give scholarly knowledge of scripture (both Old and New Testament), Israel’s history, and church history to anyone in 3rd grade or above. Though primarily an academic endeavor, the class also nurtures  spiritual growth and gives opportunities for prayer. Through a lens of curiosity, and grounded in the Apostle’s Creed as the meeting ground for all Christians, we learn about the God behind the biblical story.

Immersive Modern Hebrew

This class, which meets for an hour after school Monday-Thursday, focuses on Modern Hebrew conversation, reading, and writing skills with a special emphasis on grammar (dikduk), vocabulary, and syntax.  Students practice speaking in Hebrew daily in the context of modern Israeli culture and history.  They read and listen to stories in Hebrew and excerpts from Israeli newspapers and prepare Hebrew songs and poems for performance at the school-wide Musical Evenings and Poetry Nights.  While the class is mostly secular, students learn about and engage in creative projects around annual holidays which play an important role in modern Israeli culture.  This class draws students from Jewish, Christian, and secular families.